Ready to apply to be a driver?

If you are interested in driving one of our clients' vehicles to or from a particular destination, you must be 30 years of age or over with several pieces of identification, have a clean driving license, no criminal record, and you must be able to provide references.

Drivers must be able to provide a deposit (cash, Visa or MasterCard). The amount of the deposit varies depending on where and when you wish to go (see Destinations available for qualified drivers). You must also be able to comfortably finance your trip as you do not receive your reimbursement until you deliver the vehicle.

The car owners, through us, are trusting you to take good care of their car and effects and we expect you to be appreciative of this trust by driving carefully at all times and by keeping the inside of the car in a clean condition. Generally, our clients use the trunks of their cars for their own personal clothing items. Consequently, it is only suitable for two people to be in a car while en route to a destination as only the inside of the car is available for the drivers' luggage.

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